Basic Facts

Developer/Publisher: OKYO Games

Release Date: May 3rd, 2019

Platforms: Steam (PC&Mac), Android Phone

Availiability: Digital download

Price: Free To Play

ESRB: E for everyone, PEGI 3


Website: OKYO Games



One Liner

Beat your best scores in Neon Beats, a 2D platformer game with rhythm based levels! 

About the game

Neon Beats is a 2D side view platformer game in which the player will evolve in different levels that are rhythmed by catchy musics

Complete levels as quickly as possible!
Gather several hidden collectibles!
Brave different challenging obstacles!

In Neon Beats, you will find :

  • 4 different levels with it’s own music
  • Rhythm based gameplay
  • A character with smooth and responsive controls
  • Simple and elegant neon ambiance 
  • Several challenging level elements
  • Hidden collectibles adding instruments to the music
  • A score system based on your time, collectibles and deaths


Screenshots & Gifs

Streams and Videos

You have full permission for steaming and creation of video content on the OKYO’s Games.


• 4th game Highest rated on Steam based on Steam Review during the 2Q (1st April 2019 – 30th June 2019) from the article on Enemy of Boredom: here